Bad Haircut

Today I woke up early to get the worst haircut of my life. Okay, well maybe the semi-bowl cut when I was 7 was worse, but definitely the worst haircut of my somewhat-adult life. I went to Headlines Salon at University Village because I am usually very happy with their work and as an employee at the Village I get a discount. The saddest part about the whole ordeal is that I showed the hairdresser photos of the haircut I wanted on ME in both curly and straight styles. Still, it came out terrible.
This woman, Stephanie, has straight hair, so that may be the problem. I would expect her to have the knowledge to be able to cut all types of hair, but it would seem that that is incorrect. She cut my hair in mid-curl, which means I now have weird ends that splay out in all directions. On top of that, it is very choppy and has almost no movement. Picture a brown helmet with fuzzy bits sticking out the bottom. Yeah, not a pretty picture.
When I realized what she had done, I tried to figure out why. That is when I realized that she actually gave me a GREAT cut, but for STRAIGHT hair. I straightened my hair and it looks wonderful. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or motivation to straighten my hair daily. I called the salon and they have set me an appointment to get it ‘fixed’ tomorrow. I am sort of worried that it is unfixable because of how short it is, but wish, cross your fingers, hope or whatever YOU do for me, that is will turn out somewhat wearable!
I hope all is well with you all.

PS. Here is what is looks like, straight (and grumpy). I can’t bring myself to publicly share the other (curly/horrible) version.


Waiting For Inspiration (and some seemingly random portraiture while we wait)

Oh hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been pretty overwhelmingly busy over the last couple of weeks. However, I do apologize to you, Reader, for essentially being a slacker. Here is what has been going on, in case you were wondering.
-Moved out of old apartment.
-Moved into new apartment.
-Attended concert for the boyfriend’s birthday.
-Visited family for July 4th/birthday of boyfriend.
-Spent many hours (over 5) on the phone with Comcast (worst customer service ever).
-Started my new Summer quarter classes.
-Worked (a little, let’s not get crazy).
-Applied for graduation.
-Failed to update my blog or be creative in any way.

Alright, so now that that is done, I thought I would just post some photos that really don’t have any relation to what I wrote here. This is my collection of portraits.They are some favourites of mine that I would love to share with you all (and possibly get feedback on!). Oh, and I promise, I will force inspiration upon myself in the next week or so and have some sparkly new photos and writing to show you.


Here are my first photos of the post. These are a few of my favourite portraits. I don’t do them very often, and this was before I really did them at all. That is part of what makes it so special to me. I believe it is easier to take meaningful, emotive portraits of people with whom you share a special connection. This beautiful little one is my niece, Ianna, and I have loved her since the night she was born.

I miss her very much (lives far away now) and love her very dearly.

This next photo is one that I took this fall/winter at Husky Stadium in Seattle. It is of my boyfriend, RJ. We were attending a speech by President Obama in support of Senator Patty Murray. I felt that this photo conveyed very well the feeling of hope that seemed to infect the whole crowd that afternoon.

I know, it’s kind of a weird crop, but I actually like it a lot. Let me know what YOU think.

This next one isn’t what I would usually include in a ‘portrait’ collection, but I suppose it is in the sense that the subject is a person. The subject is actually a very beautiful person named Magnolia, but she happens to be covering her beautiful face. Beautiful.

This next photo was taken at the (appropriately named) Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. The subjects are my brother and his girlfriend Ashley. Although the light was low, I am happy with how this sweet moment turned out.

Cute, huh?

This following photo is perhaps my very favourite. This photo is of my truly magnificent parents in one of our family’s favourite places; Yellowstone National Park. I just really love it (and them).

Now you have come upon the last two photos of this placeholder photo blog post. This first photo shows off how beautiful RJ’s skin looks in black and white (and also how beautiful he looks in person and on camera).

The final photo is kind of silly, but I still like it. I enjoy the composition (and the face of course!). I also like that it IS light and playful. This photo makes me smile (well, all of these ones do!).

The range of people featured in my portraiture may seem somewhat limited, but what can I say, I take photos of the people I am closest to and around most. I hope you have enjoyed this, and I apologize again for the lack of new content.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

…well, better make that UNDER the rainbow.

The Seattle Pride Parade and Festival took place this last Sunday, and it was quite amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect (other than a lot of rainbow-coloured items and, well, lots of LGBT folks) but it turned out to be a pretty great experience.
When we arrived at the Seattle Center there were a few hundred people milling about. We thought we had missed the parade, so we spent some time hanging out around the International Fountain…

…and checking out the various booths. Keep in mind the amount of people in the fountain now for comparison later on.
There were some pretty great outfits to check out, as well as some *lack* of outfits to *check out* if you know what I mean (wink wink)!

This guy was pretty spectacular. He arrived amidst gasps and flashes of light.

His entire body, from his head to his shoes, was covered in mirrors! At first I wasn’t sure whether his suit was some attempt at stealth-walking or flash-photography-repellent, but it turned out he was just selling some magnets. Of course, that makes complete sense, right? I mean, whenever I go to work to sell baby clothes I always wear an ensemble composed only of coconut husks. It’s just common sense.

As we meandered around in the stifling heat (70-something is stifling to me now, I’ve gone soft), we heard some music coming from one of the 4 stages. We wandered over to check it out, and what did we find?

Ethel Merman of course! This lady (man?) was great! Not only did Ethel perform classic ballads, she went on to give us some legit renditions of “Highway to Hell” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Also, she played air-guitar with her teeth. That takes real
talent, you know!

As Ethel’s show was winding down, we decided to explore the festival some more. Right when we thought we had seen it all, we turned a corner and came face-to-face with the parade. After believing we had missed it, finding the parade was a great treat. We walked along the route and found ourselves a great place to watch the action. I’m sorry if there are more photos than writings in this post, but I have to say most of the things we saw are really difficult to describe. It was a feast for the eyes, but a bit harder to explain with the words. So here we go again, some photos of the wonderful parade!

There were cowboys:

And the animals they brought with them:

The ROTC showed up. (Not the one you think, this was the Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps. Much better in my opinion!):

The back of their shirts read ‘What rifles were really made for’. I loved that!

There were ‘queens’:

and queens:

This guy must practice a lot! I don’t think I could walk a parade in those heels!

There was a group for LGBT people of colour:

and (slightly scarily) there were Furries:

Supporters showed up who were both young:

and older:

It was really great to see everyone being so supportive and wonderful. I probably saw the strangest outfits and people that I ever have that day. There were people running naked, half-naked, dressed to the nines, and in bathing suits and yet NO ONE was being judgmental. I saw 300 pound ladies and 90 pound boys in their underwear, obviously feeling comfortable in front of thousands of people. There were gays, lesbians, bisexual people, straight people, transvestites and transsexuals. Everyone was having a great time and openly friendly. What a beautiful community.

Alright, on with the parade! (We’re almost done with this part!)

Next up, we saw the Rat City Roller Girls!

They had some neat roller-tricks!

I honestly don’t remember what this next group was promoting, but I thought they were great! I loved the old Thunderbird they were riding.

I loved the colour in this group, but again, I don’t remember what it was for!

I thought it was pretty neat that the Seattle Metro bus service got in on the parade as well:

Alright, so after everyone else passed, we looked down the street and saw a giant pride flag carried by probably 50 people coming towards us.

It was the end of the parade and so we followed behind it, up the street to the festival. It started to fall in the middle so a bunch of people went under to help support it. I was lucky enough to be one of those people. Everything looked so beautiful under that rainbow flag!

As you can see, we walked the flag down the main path of the festival, over the hordes of people. Everyone was willing to lend a hand!

Well, maybe not this guy, he might have been scared though.

That was the end of the parade! I would have liked to see more of it, like Cupcake Royale and Dikes on Bikes, but I felt lucky that we caught even the end of it.

Alright, remember when I told you to remember the people in the fountain? No? Come on, it was only 850 words ago. Anyways, here is a shot of how many people had showed up while we were watching the parade:

Big difference, huh? Also, keep in mind that probably an eighth of those people are naked and at least one half are almost there. It was pretty crazy, but awesome!

I loved these guys’ outfits:

I want to hang out with them every day.

Honestly, going in, I had NO idea what to expect. This festival has immensely exceeded my wildest expectations. By the end, I was flying that rainbow flag myself.

Alright. So this is the part of the post where I’m going to get all preachy, so skip down if you don’t want to hear it.

I think the LGBT rights movement is bullshit. I think the Civil Rights movement for the black people of America was bullshit. I think the Women’s rights movement was bullshit. Don’t get me wrong. The organizations and people who support these movements are wonderful and work very hard. My point is that their immense effort shouldn’t be necessary. We are all just people. Equality shouldn’t have to be fought for. We are already equal. If you strip away all of the gender, orientation, skin colour, we are all just humans. We have hearts, bowels, fingernails, toes and noses. I will never understand what would make someone honestly believe that they are superior to anyone else based on these feeble excuses for reasons.
In the words of Tim Minchin (whom I met and hugged this weekend, hehe):
“I will judge you for no reason, but your deeds”.
And in the words of the Beatles:
“Love is all you need”

Thank you for reading. I leave you with this last photo:


The Road Home

I’ve been rather absent this week. Sorry about that! It’s been a tough one. Car troubles, finishing up finals, sick, and work problems as well. I wanted to write something quick so that you all know I haven’t forgotten about my lovely blog. Positive things that happened this week include my re-creation of the school lunch that I ate every day in New Zealand; mince meat pie (with puff pastry crust and a layer of cheese underneath) which I will photograph and post as soon as I learn how to make food look as good as it does in real life-but in a photo. I am very much looking forward to going home to visit my family this weekend.
This is why I chose to post above photo of the road to my home. It never fails to make me feel better about the world. I hope you all are happy, healthy, and in good company.



Can you smell the fear? ‘Cause they sure as hell can.

Some people might be afraid of this guy:

Not me.
Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for the muscle power he’s hiding behind that sleepy façade and those gore-iffic horns. He’s a fluffy guy though. Do you know what he eats? Grass. He eats grass.
So what am I afraid of, you may be wondering (Or not, since that is likely not at all what you were thinking about before clicking this link).
There are a couple of things you have to understand.
First, I have had this fear since before I really knew much about sharks in general other than that they are usually portrayed as scary. You know those lines in the deep end of swimming pools? The big black ones that end in a sort of ‘T’ shape? Yeah, I used to think those would come to life as hammerheads if I closed my eyes underwater.
Second, I am actually NOT afraid of most sharks. I swam with sharks when I was eleven years old. They generally are pretty content to leave you alone as long as you do the same (and are not bleeding profusely).
Hammerheads though… they are different.  Do you know what a hammerhead shark eats? Here’s a handy list that I found on Wikipedia.
“Hammerhead sharks are known to eat a large range of items including fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans, and other hammerhead sharks.”
Yeah. They eat EACH OTHER. They will just eat their buddy shark if they’re hungry. How messed up is that??
Another fun fact. You know that giant crazy-looking head they have? Do you know what that is for? It helps them see better than any other shark. It also gives them a better sense of smell. Creepy, huh? The better to HUNT you with my dear.
But you know what is really frightening to me? They also use it to hold their prey down while they eat and kill them. Yeah. The hammerhead shark has binocular eyes, a powerful nose, and basically the equivalent to a muscly set of biceps stored in that monstrosity. No wonder it’s so awkward.
The last fact that I found is probably the most frightening to me. Most things that I am afraid of that are capable of reproduction do it slowly and gradually (ok, except for spiders, those things mass-reproduce like they work for a Barbie factory in Taiwan). NOT HAMMERHEADS. Nope. Not only are they capable of becoming pregnant from several different mating partners at once (hussies), they give birth to on AVERAGE 20-40 mini-terrors at a time. Twenty to FORTY. The thought of that many of them absolutely petrifies me.
Oh, and don’t think they won’t find you. Here’s a map of where they live:

Yeah. Pretty much everywhere. We are so screwed.

P.S. The first photo is by me, the map was made by someone else.


Browsers and Baristas

I promised unsolicited opinions and here’s the first one:
Baristas and browsers, they are eerily similar.
I just went next door to the small supermarket and espresso shop to get my morning coffee. There is a blonde woman usually who makes AMAZING lattes and has them ready before I’ve paid. Then there is the other one. The brown-haired moody barista. My heart sinks a little bit every time I see her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she is a lovely person, she is just not as good as blonde-barista. Blonde barista knows my drink. She makes it quickly. She knows that I have a card and she stamps it without asking. Brunette barista asks me EVERY time whether or not I have a card. She takes 5-7 minutes after I’ve paid to finish the drink.
So, here is my thought, again:
Baristas and browsers, they are eerily similar. The bad ones take forever to get what you need to you and ask you the same questions over and over. The good ones remember your settings and preferences and get you and what you need hooked up fast.
That is all.



New blog, new home.

Hello again!
I know, I know, it says in the tagline ‘Photography, Food, and Unsolicited Opinions’. Well, you have my word, they will be here soon enough! This past week I have been juggling a few different projects. Here on (new home thanks entirely to my amazing computer-whiz brother, see link in sidebar) I have been mainly focusing on getting some content moved in and messing around with a million (seemingly unnecessary but of course incredibly important according to every tutorial) settings. In real life I am still working on my degree. I know it’s getting closer but sometimes it feels like one of those dreams where you try and try to reach something and it is always just a little bit further than you can reach. In short, college sucks. I keep looking at those graphs that show how much more money college grads make than drop-outs or high school diploma-holders, cursing our capitalist society, and then finally quit procrastinating and do the work in less time than the wallowing took in the first place. It’s pretty sad. Anyways, ‘what else is going on?’ you might ask. If you did, I might mention the time earlier this week when I set my alarm clock to PM rather than AM and was an hour late for work. I might mention the gossip that ensued. I might even mention that I applied for another job because of the whole thing. Those are all just ‘maybes’ though. In reality, I would probably give a non-commital ‘not much’ and move on. Perhaps that’s what I should have gone with.
Alright, enough rambling. I just want to thank whoever is reading this for, well, reading this. I love feedback so feel free to comment (read: give me another excuse to ignore Oceanography for 5 minutes)!
Quite Sincerely,


Hello world!

Indeed, hello world.
I am Hannato (nope, it’s not whatever you are thinking it is). I will be posting photography of mine for your enjoyment and my self-satisfaction. I hope to also post about adventures in general and about cooking in particular. So far, that’s all I’ve got! I hope you all enjoy the photos and future posts. Feel free to stay a while. Look around. Read things. View stuff.