Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

…well, better make that UNDER the rainbow. The Seattle Pride Parade and Festival took place this last Sunday, and it was quite amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect (other than a lot of rainbow-coloured items and, well, lots of LGBT folks) but it turned out to be a pretty great experience. When we [...]

Where the (Somewhat) Wild Things Are

What a disgrace. My boyfriend RJ and I have been living within walking distance of the Woodland Park Zoo for over a year now and had yet to see a single elephant, meerkat, or hippo until yesterday. I guess it’s been a combination of a lack of time, money, and warm weather that’s kept us away, [...]

I told you they were dangerous…

Okay, maybe it’s not same as the hammerhead that I was talking about. Still, I’m going to add this to the ‘times that I’ve been right in public’ list (completely fictional, although a good idea). So, if you haven’t already figured it out, we walked down to check out the Fremont Fair’s parade in honor [...]

The Road Home

I’ve been rather absent this week. Sorry about that! It’s been a tough one. Car troubles, finishing up finals, sick, and work problems as well. I wanted to write something quick so that you all know I haven’t forgotten about my lovely blog. Positive things that happened this week include my re-creation of the school [...]

Can you smell the fear? ‘Cause they sure as hell can.

Some people might be afraid of this guy: Not me. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for the muscle power he’s hiding behind that sleepy façade and those gore-iffic horns. He’s a fluffy guy though. Do you know what he eats? Grass. He eats grass. So what am I afraid of, you may [...]

Browsers and Baristas

I promised unsolicited opinions and here’s the first one: Baristas and browsers, they are eerily similar. I just went next door to the small supermarket and espresso shop to get my morning coffee. There is a blonde woman usually who makes AMAZING lattes and has them ready before I’ve paid. Then there is the other [...]

New blog, new home.

Hello again! I know, I know, it says in the tagline ‘Photography, Food, and Unsolicited Opinions’. Well, you have my word, they will be here soon enough! This past week I have been juggling a few different projects. Here on (new home thanks entirely to my amazing computer-whiz brother, see link in sidebar) I [...]


Another gorgeous flower from my mother’s garden. The petals reminded me of delicate lace. I felt that they might tear if I touched them, so I photographed them instead.

Through the Fence

An interesting perspective.

In flight

Birds flying in the falling snow.