The 35th Annual Wooden Boat Festival and 35 little wooden boats?

Okay. Maybe just two little wooden boats, but it had a nice ring to it and I am terrible at making titles.

This weekend we braved the traffic and the burn-and-melt-inducing sun and headed out to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend. Some family friends (Richard, Kathy, and their son Matthew) were also in town visiting and it was great to see them as a bit of a bonus!

After a late start we finally caught the ferry over and arrived at the house. We had to carpool down to the festival since there was only one parking pass, but that was fine with me since it just meant more time to spend together. After mom showed me the garden again and all the new additions, we set off. I particularly loved this little red currant bush (although it’s not new at all)!

The cat wanted her picture taken as well, so here’s that:

(Ok maybe she was actually really annoyed at me for trying to photograph her).

Anyways, it was really great walking around the festival, visiting and checking out all of the interesting booths and the boats themselves. I was, however, dying slowly in the heat and unfortunately may have complained more than I previously thought was humanly possible. Sorry everyone! Here’s a photo from one of the breaks from exploring (I was probably complaining behind this lens).

Note that wonderful dad is ignoring the whinging and that beautiful mom is holding my sweater. They are so kind and lovely.
We walked back to the Edensaw Woods (my dad’s business in case you didn’t already know) tent so that dad could mingle with the tent-visitors and we could check it out as well. The woods in there are so gorgeous. I personally love the Tennessee Red Cedar and the Kingwood. Nature can be so astoundingly beautiful. Behind the tent was a great view of the boats sailing on Port Townsend Bay. Check this one out, it has such an elegant look!

Mom and dad decided to go to the beer garden to enjoy a cold one so RJ and I took a stroll downtown. We sat behind the local ice cream parlor, Elevated Ice Cream, and watched a particularly sugar high toddler run madly up and down a pier. It was pretty entertaining. I did get a couple of photos of RJ though, and of the scenery.

The pained look on his face is either from the whining or from the sun. Both are equally likely!
After this quick break we returned to the festival to meet back up with the beer-gardening parents and friends. Apparently someone at the festival thought it would be a brilliant idea to launch a large motor boat at the same time that most people were leaving the festival. Can’t picture it? Basically a lot of people trying to walk out on the same road that a giant boat (and the giant boatlift carrying it) are rolling down. Confusion and semi-chaos ensued. I got to spend some time getting pretty intimate with a festival staff lady who thought she needed to physically prevent me from walking in front of it by putting her arm across my chest. We’re getting married next month!

Here’s the boat (it really was a great looking boat):

After that is was back to the house for some delicious burgers and time with the visiting friends (and the family of course!). It was a wonderful day and I really wish we could have stayed longer and seen more!

Of course if you’ve been to the Wooden Boat Festival, you will already know that the little wooden boat building workshop is a huge attraction for the kids (and for me, it’s kind of tradition now). RJ and I started on our boats but weren’t quite able to finish before they closed up, so we stashed some supplies in our pockets and decided to finish later. The following day we took our boats and bits and some sandwiches and went down to the Ballard locks. We picnicked and finished up our boats. While we were working a cute little squirrel came to visit. He was very friendly!

It was the perfect end to the weekend. Laying in the grass in the setting sun, working on our boats. The boats are already shown at the very top of the (long, sorry!) post, so I’ll leave you all with these photos that capture the beauty of the evening.

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  1. Ezra says:

    As usual, lovely entry. We missed the little boats again this year. It was packed when we tried to make ours. I’m bummed we didn’t get to go together, but we will have to coordinate better next year. Beautiful photography! Love you.

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