Apple (T)art

A few days ago a friend and co-worker did me a huge favour. She’s a really great person and she always keeps us laughing, so I wanted to do something nice for her in return.What better way to repay someone’s kindness than with delicious baked goods?! I have a great recipe for Apple Tart that I used to make all the time for French class and since we had been talking about it the other day I thought it would be perfect! We’ll have to wait for tomorrow to see how it turned out (no sneaking tastes, has to look pretty!). Here are some photos and if anyone is interested in the recipe just let me know and I’ll post that as well!

Mmmm! I will have to make one for myself pretty soon. I love making these tarts. They are simple to make but turn out beautifully!
Hope you are all enjoying the last bits of summer!

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4 Responses to Apple (T)art

  1. Amy Carver says:

    Hannah Banana I would love to have that recipe. It’s the perfect time to make it. It’s cold and wet over on the east coast and need a warm tart to make me smile. Miss you!

    • hannato says:

      No problem! I’ll post it for you :) I miss you too! Any plans to come over to this coast soon? ‘Cause I can do you one better and MAKE you a warm tart. I’ll post the link on your wall once it’s up!

  2. Hannah made this delicious pastry for me and as I read her comment I am bit teary eyed as she is such a beautiful person inside and out and I so appreciate her kindness. The pastry was half gone when I brought it home and my son was like Ohhhhhhhhh what is that and now I have managed to save a small piece for breakfast, it is so delicious, Hannah you ROCK. Thank you so much, OneCent=]

  3. Zaya Moore says:

    I want some apple tart immediately!

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