A Visit Home

Hello everyone (or anyone),
It has been an inappropriately long time since I made a new post here on this lovely blog! I apologize for my absence. Finals, work, laziness and a lack of inspiration were all contributing factors (but honestly it was really mostly laziness). I am back now though with a quick post about my past weekend.

I visited my family in Port Townsend. My brother and grandmother were both there along with my parents, and it was really wonderful to see them all and enjoy their company for the day. I haven’t seen my grandmother in much too long, so I was very eager to visit while she was there. We had a great time (or I did!). I chatted with grandma, hung out with Ezra and his new puppy Lucky, and watched mom and dad do some gardening! The weather was beautiful, which if you know Port Townsend, you know to be a rare occurrence. We finished the evening with a delicious meal of barbecued buffalo burgers, yum!

While I was there, the beautiful garden inspired me to take some photographs as well. They may not be my best photos (I was more focused on visiting than on, well, focusing!) but I do like them and the nature that is their subject. Take a look and tell me what YOU think!

My mother grows amazing lilies. They are (not exaggeratively) 8 ft tall at least and the blooms smell beautifully! I don’t know how she does it! Here they are:

Aren’t they stunning?!

On the property there is also a beautiful rose that blooms every summer. I remember last summer my dad picked a bloom for me and I kept it (dried later on of course) in my car well into the autumn. I love my dad (and these roses).
I couldn’t decide if I liked the photo better in colour or in black and white. The texture lends itself brilliantly to the monochrome, but the flower has a great colour as well!
Have a look:

I still can’t decide!

My mother loves to garden (and my father too!). This year their garden is coming along really well. It’s the best I’ve seen it in years and it was very fun to poke around in the dirt!

Here’s the garden:

Now they just need to keep those sneaky deer out!
One of the plants in this garden is broccoli. I loved the way that the “treetop” part of the broccoli contrasted with the leafy bits!

Last but most certainly not least, I managed to snap a photo of the most beautiful flower by far:

What a gorgeous lady, inside and out! I’m lucky too, I might get to see them again soon!

Well, that’s the end for tonight (this morning?). I hope you have enjoyed the read or the photos and I hope you all are able to feel the warmth of your families, whatever that may be to you!
Thanks for reading,

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One Response to A Visit Home

  1. Sarah B says:

    Lovely! I like the B&W of the two (if I had to choose)
    Look forward to your next post!
    I hope to have a backyard to garden in next year :) Do you garden in your apartment?

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