Bad Haircut

Today I woke up early to get the worst haircut of my life. Okay, well maybe the semi-bowl cut when I was 7 was worse, but definitely the worst haircut of my somewhat-adult life. I went to Headlines Salon at University Village because I am usually very happy with their work and as an employee at the Village I get a discount. The saddest part about the whole ordeal is that I showed the hairdresser photos of the haircut I wanted on ME in both curly and straight styles. Still, it came out terrible.
This woman, Stephanie, has straight hair, so that may be the problem. I would expect her to have the knowledge to be able to cut all types of hair, but it would seem that that is incorrect. She cut my hair in mid-curl, which means I now have weird ends that splay out in all directions. On top of that, it is very choppy and has almost no movement. Picture a brown helmet with fuzzy bits sticking out the bottom. Yeah, not a pretty picture.
When I realized what she had done, I tried to figure out why. That is when I realized that she actually gave me a GREAT cut, but for STRAIGHT hair. I straightened my hair and it looks wonderful. Unfortunately I don’t have the time or motivation to straighten my hair daily. I called the salon and they have set me an appointment to get it ‘fixed’ tomorrow. I am sort of worried that it is unfixable because of how short it is, but wish, cross your fingers, hope or whatever YOU do for me, that is will turn out somewhat wearable!
I hope all is well with you all.

PS. Here is what is looks like, straight (and grumpy). I can’t bring myself to publicly share the other (curly/horrible) version.

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One Response to Bad Haircut

  1. zaya Moore says:

    i think this haircut just isn’t the right haircut for you. you still look gorgeous. it’s definitely more newslady and less hannah.

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